elow are some of the questions that are asked most often of Don Blair. If you don't find the answers you need from The Mystic Spirit's FAQ below, feel free to send an e-mail with your questions.

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Does The Mystic Spirit perform only for specific types of events?
Don will perform for virtually all venues... small, large, private, corporate, wild, or mild.
What does The Mystic Spirit charge?
Don's fees are based on many factors... location, time, travel, audience, and the show type chosen. If you would like an estimate for an event, simply e-mail us these details: date, time, location, event, length, etc. If you have a set budget, most often he can gear his performance to fit within the budget.
Can The Mystic Spirit promote my business and products?
Yes. He can do this by incorporating your product or business into the show.
What type of audiences does The Mystic Spirit typically perform for?
Don performs for a wide array of people from edgy to conservative.
What type of conditions does The Mystic Spirit require?
Virtually any place small or large; indoors or outdoors is fine. There may be some limitations using fire in some areas. The Mystic Spirit will create the show to fit the conditions available.
How far will Don travel?
Don performs worldwide.
Can Don customize a show to fit a specific event?
Don will create a show to suit your event and audience.
Will The Mystic Spirit perform for a small group, such as a dinner party for eight?
Yes; seance, psychic, and oddities lend themselves well to both small and large groups.

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